A Day in the Life of a Police Officer

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Present and Future Many law enforcement duties were once left to the military. By , the city of London had established a metropolitan police force separate from the military.

Police officers note that their job changes dramatically under different political administrations. The agenda of the administration, whether it be to reduce theft, cut white collar crime, or pursue drug pushers, affects the kind of criminals police target. The overall strategies they employ changes their daily routine. Larger cities have expanded their police forces, but the occupation as a whole is expected to undergo slower growth than other professions through the turn of the century.

The routine duties of a beginning police officer may be disappointing, or they may be terrifying. Nevertheless, few officers leave the profession at this stage.

A Day in the Life of a police officer

Opportunities for advancement in a police department are tied to seniority, so dedicated police officers stick out the tedious times as they rise on the list of men and women eligible for promotion. Long, uneventful days are punctuated by moments of danger and occasional moments of triumphs against justice. Around this time, command positions become available. Other officers specialize in investigating particular crimes murder, fraud, drug trafficking. As police work becomes more scientific, many officers find it necessary to return to school in order to move up the ranks.

Police officers can usually retire with a pension after twenty years on the force, so ten years marks the halfway point. Many seasoned officers choose to stay in uniform on the beat. Officers who have already made captain are eligible for consideration to become inspectors, police chiefs or commissioners. These positions are filled by political appointment. Upon retirement, police officers can expect a pension usually at half pay , an opportunity to pursue a second career, and the appreciation of a safer society.

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A Day in the Life: Frontline Cops in the City

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Buy Now. What attracted you to a career in the police? Is there anything that surprised you about the job? What would be your top tips for an aspiring police officer? We are police officers, so inherently all we hear about is crime, sadness, and people being harmed.

A Day in the Life of a Police Officer/Manager

A small sense of reprieve washes over me as I enjoy being out in the neighborhood I patrol. Drive by this vacant house, stop by a recently vandalized park, and check on a business that was robbed last week. Driving fast with lights and sirens, I rush to help my fellow officer.

His voice was elevated, as he was running and trying to talk on the radio. I round the corner and see the suspect running across a field with an object in his hand. My adrenaline is pumping as I get closer and closer to the suspect. Before long, the suspect tires and is taken into custody without incident. It turns out he did have a gun.

Thankfully he tossed it to the ground just before giving up and laying down. The gun is reported stolen, taken in a home break-in the week before. The guy is wanted for aggravated robbery and happens to be a convicted felon. A great outcome all around. As we walk him to the squad car, we hear the usual appreciation from his friendsin the neighborhood. Their account of what happened filled with embellishment and anger.

The entire thing is on video. What should be a rock solid case, could very well turn into more probation. But that is out of our hands. Sadly, we will see this guy again. As I get back to my squad car, I notice a missed call from my wife. The kids are already asleep.

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I missed my chance to say goodnight. The rest of shift is fairly uneventful. I even managed to grab a bite to eat with my buddy that works the same area. We had a few laughs and talked about the latest changes made by the command staff. I head back to the station nearly an hour before my shift ends. I complete the required paperwork that once took ten minutes, now takes almost twenty. I head home almost on time. I sneak into the house trying not to wake everyone. The dog greets me at the door and my wife is relieved to hear the sound of velcro as I take off my bulletproof vest.

A quick shower and I hop in bed. Did I do all the required paperwork? Did I forget to put anything in that arrest report?


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As I close my eyes, images from the dead body call just before shift end pop into my head. Frustrated, I toss and turn for 30 minutes and finally drift off to sleep. What the hell is wrong with my gun!? Eventually, a bullet slowly rolls out of my gun and I wake up in a panic. So true. Thank you for writing such an actual and factual description of what an officer goes through. Thank you sir.

I Made It Home The Way I Left – A Day In The Life of a Police Officer

That was my goal. I hope people read it and those like you, enjoy it. Great article. Thank you for a good read. After all Officers put their lives on the line daily For all of us. Thank you fir your service and sharing Truth. Wow great article sounds just like work when I was chasing people weekly. Now Im a parking lot cop because of politics. Not worth it anymore. My wife still says the sound of velcro will always sound different and have a different meaning to her.

That little nuance I knew would resonate with many who read it. Thank you for your service and comment. What a realistic portrayal of a police officer! It adds greater appreciation and admiration for all that you do and live with. Thank you for sharing and giving us a much better understanding of our protectors and peace keepers. Thank you for what you do. I am working on a project that addresses the wellness of officers. Would love to let you know about it.

A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
A Day in the Life of a Police Officer A Day in the Life of a Police Officer

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