Physics Reports vol.111

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Spectrochimica Acta Part B-atomic Spectroscopy, vol. Local ion irradiation of thin graphene films grown on SiC substrates Prevel B. Mayumi, Ouerghi A.

Physics Reports vol.301

Nanostructuring graphene on SiC by focused ion beam: effect of the ion fluence Prevel B. Caillier, A. Ayari, V.

Gouttenoire, J. Benoit, V. Jourdain, M. Picher, M. Paillet, S. Le Floch, S. Purcell, J. USB1 en.

Experimental Limits on Monopole Catalysis of Nucleon Decay | SpringerLink

EPB1 en. Document security, securities and article protection method using nanodiamonds with active NV centers. EPA1 en.

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Kuhlmann et al. Schirhagl et al.

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USB2 en. Olson et al. Xu et al. Fast spin state initialization in a singly charged InAs-GaAs quantum dot by optical cooling.

  1. Experimental Limits on Monopole Catalysis of Nucleon Decay.
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  4. Optical Studies of Dynamics in Noble Metal Nanostructures | Chemical Reviews.
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  6. Falk et al. Novotny et al.

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    Raabe et al. Quantitative analysis of magnetic excitations in Landau flux-closure structures using synchrotron-radiation microscopy. Hanson et al. Hartschuh et al. Chekhovich et al. Steiner et al. Universal enhancement of the optical readout fidelity of single electron spins at nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond.

    Physics Reports vol.111
    Physics Reports vol.111
    Physics Reports vol.111
    Physics Reports vol.111
    Physics Reports vol.111
    Physics Reports vol.111
    Physics Reports vol.111

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