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The Heart of Hearts of Rumi's Mathnawi

By contrast, in German object-related readings of relational adjectives seem to be inadmissible.

Legal canvas for a patchwork of multilingual quotations: the case of CoMParS

The greater flexibility of English and French in terms of the thematic interpretability of relational adjectives also shows up with respect to "circumstantial" thematic roles like directionals, locatives and instrumentals. It is arguably due to the common Latin heritage of English and French, since in Latin relational adjectives representing subject or object arguments of nominalizations are widely attested.

However, even in English and French object-related readings are confined to result nominalizations, a restriction we suggest to account for in terms of the more "noun-like" character of result nominalizations in contrast to process nominalizations. Additional Services.

(PDF) Presentation of the KOPTE Corpus and Research Project | Andrea Wurm -

Contact Imprint Datenschutz Sitelinks. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Andrea Wurm. The languages covered are French and German. Thanks to financial support from the Institute for Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting, the tedious task of transforming the texts into an electronic corpus and encoding them was facilitated by several student helpers.

After the diploma course was cancelled in , there were no more students and the class was given up. At the moment, texts from BA and MA translation classes, which constitute a longitudinal corpus over the whole academic cycle of students, are being integrated in KOPTE.

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Most of the students consented to research done on the basis of their translations; in the Klausurenkurs alone 58 different translators were involved. Researcher and student helpers had to type the first 38 source texts to transform the manuscript translations into a format to be processed. The concept of the Klausurenkurs was to translate as much of the text up to 2, characters as possible in 45 minutes to achieve a solid translation. A monolingual dictionary was allowed. For this reason, the texts no longer needed to have teacher notes with information in case of non-dictionary look-ups.

The length of the texts is varying greatly from some lines product packages to complete page reports on air quality in the Paris region in These translations are mostly not evaluated in terms of an evaluation scheme and a grade except exam translations , but carry corrections from course sessions in form of insertions and deletions that are the result of discussion by students and the teacher.

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These corrections will be integrated into the translation texts as XML annotations. These translation problems UE-Pros are being annotated according to their nature in the source text and to the solutions found by the students. Translator metadata are currently collected in an Excel spread sheet, but will be converted to XML and introduced into the corpus texts for query. Several papers are already published. Nathalie Mattick BA delivered a fine analysis of French past participles and the translation strategies used by students.

Zeitformen im Französischen - Übersicht

Katharina Redeker BA in turn shed some light on the subjunctive, a mode that is non-existent in German. Helen Klein BA did a contrastive study of article use, while Johanna Czibulinski BA queried collocates from the source texts and compared their translations.

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Her excellent diploma thesis was published as a monograph in She graduated as the best student of her year. Wurm is a rather qualitative study of two cohesion phenomena, one from the corpus alone, and the other with translation process data from the Translog experiment keystroke logging files, recorded and transcribed retrospective protocols.

Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch
Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch
Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch
Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch
Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch Vergleichende Grammatik, Französisch-Deutsch

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