Adhesives & Sealants Industry January 2012

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Our MB Group is dealing with various commodities for mainly hoses and couplings, industrial products, adhesives and sealants, and aerospace products.

Exploring Adhesive bonding processes in the Automotive and Aerospace markets

Our mainstay products are industrial rubber products such as various hoses and conveyer belts, adhesives, various sealing materials, fuel tanks for aircraft, lavatory units and more; our major customers are the manufacturers of automobiles, construction equipment, air frames, vehicles, industrial facilities, public corporations, and construction companies. Our products will be delivered to our customers through our distribution companies and agencies. In addition to those B-to-B products, we are manufacturing various B-to-C products as well, such as golf goods.

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As for those products, we will ensure safety assurance through incoming goods inspections for raw materials to use, half-finished goods inspections such as blended rubber materials, product inspections for final products; we are also trying to secure quality with their design by conducting designing screening from the stage of product planning, the stage of designing, and the stage of process designing. They develop activities to hold lecture classes for products knowledge and handlings to develop human resources and enhance communication at the sales companies and locations, aiming at smooth correspondence to our customers.

With this, we integrated marketing power of sales companies which were close to our customers and back up function of manufacturers, we plan to introduce system development with a feeling of identification and swift decision making. We deploy a staff member from quality assurance department of a manufacturing company, who improves consciousness of product quality of our staff during the course of lecture related to product quality to our sales staff members, and are working to continuously provide our customers with safe and high quality products.

We are operating under, and revising the requirements of the "Measurement Action for the Market" in emergency situations in order to act promptly and accurately for various business practices of diversified product lines of our MB Group by making clear about actions and supporting system for our MB products' safety issues.

January 2012 Issue Highlights

Also, in the event of any quality issues or complaints in the market over our products already delivered to our customers, not just we act promptly to solve the problems, but also we take actions to avoid any recurrence. As for preventive measure for recurrence, we will verify its validity by conducting quality audit on a regular basis whilst checking whether corrective measures are duly conducted.

Also, we have our framework called the "Meeting for Product Improvement" where relevant divisions get together to lead to product improvement based on quality information in the market not to allow any quality issue to occur. We are aiming for the improvement on CS by relevant divisions to get together through this framework. There was no case of violation on product safety in the fiscal year of Activities on Quality Improvement — Framework to be in place to maintain customer credibility. Our MB Group has formed their activities on quality improvement by reflecting their mid and long term guidelines to facilitate their activities.

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May Multilayer structures containing biopolymers , USB2. June High temperature acrylic sheet , USB2.

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Adhesives & Sealants Industry January 2012
Adhesives & Sealants Industry January 2012
Adhesives & Sealants Industry January 2012
Adhesives & Sealants Industry January 2012
Adhesives & Sealants Industry January 2012

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