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I am feeling more comfortable while driving. I did not check mileage yet, I hated Bajaj Gear system but now it looks it improved a lot. Today is my first day , I did drive for 12 kms : I will keep posting every month. Does a smaller motor necessarily mean a downgrade? Thank you! Your question has been submitted. You will receive all the communications on :.

Bajaj Avenger Street Avenger Street Colors. Available EMI Options. Specifications Summary of Avenger Street Bajaj Avenger Street Latest Updates. Read More.

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View Details. Share your experiences with Avenger ? Submit Review Submit Review. Which would be the better bike to buy considering mileage and specification between Avenger Street or Avenger Street? SURYA 1 week ago should be fine, pick up is too good , fair enough in India, pickup is excessive. Bh 2 months ago There is just a little difference and you can get Avenger Street Charles 1 week ago Avenger Sid 1 week ago Take a test ride, if it suits you, then buy it!

Mera field work job hai kya field work ke liye Bajaj Avenger Street bike thik rahengi because mileage not confirm? Zigwheels 1 week ago Avenger Street would be an amazing choice in terms of comfortable ergonomics to ride over long journeys.

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Will Avenger street be comfortable and also easy to ride within the city traffic? Please suggest your opinion.

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I baught Avenger my height is 5 feet and my legs not properly connect to break and gear. What can I do please suggest. Vsn 1 week ago naveenkumar Better to change Fz 3. Naveenkumar 2 weeks ago Better to change For 3. Naveenkumar 2 weeks ago Better to change Fz 3. I'm a RO service person in Chennai - I'm travelling almost 8 to 10 hrs per day. Suggest me good bike and comfortable with good mileage?

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Have a Question about Bajaj Avenger Street ? Ask Your Question. Search your question about Avenger Street E. Your Question should contain at least 5 characters Submit Cancel. Ebony Black.

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Maybe Bruce shouldn't feel too bad as Spider-Man misses out on that particular moment of glory as well, but he's earned the respect of New York for being in the battle and carrying the mantle of "the next Iron Man. Banner doesn't need the extra acclaim as his new zen-like outlook on life as the Smart Hulk seems rather well-adjusted. Though he might want to do something about that arm after the snap, it didn't look so hot. The Russo brothers firmly stated that Bruce Banner would always be the one to perform the second snap.

He was always going to be the one to sound the alarm for the calvary in for the final act of the film. Banner makes mention of his destiny during the events of Endgame and tells his teammates that he was the only one who could wield the Stark Gauntlet.

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All the Infinity Stones had to be collected, and he would be the one to do the deed because of his ability to withstand radiation. Hulk's scientific acumen also plays a pivotal role in getting the quantum tunnel off the ground before Tony Stark comes in to refine the idea with his time GPS. The hero would also go on to directly shape the universe going forward as his conversation with the Ancient One during the battle of New York ensures that Captain America will go back in time to replace the stones. Banner's conversation was something that Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely broke down along with the directors on the film's commentary track.

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