The demonstration of the gospel

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The wrath of God is only poured out upon the incorrigibly wicked — upon all who refuse to repent. Jesus gave His life for the sake of those who do. And the Lamb of God … was chastised on our behalf, and suffered a penalty He did not owe, but which we owed because of the multitude of our sins; and so He became the cause of the forgiveness of our sins, because He received death for us, and transferred to Himself the scourging, the insults, and the dishonour, which were due to us, and drew down on Himself the apportioned curse, being made a curse for us.

Clear from the context is the idea that Jesus empathizes with the sufferings of the members of His body, the Church, caused by sin. The Proof of the Gospel, Bk. One wonders if Eusebius would have been so bold as to state that the Lord could justly claim to have sinned if he had believed Jesus to be equal with God the Father? This was his understanding. But, he added:. Psalm In the theology of Eusebius, the reason for the atonement expressed above was but one of several, which he listed in Book Ferrar accomplished his excellent work of translating based upon the Greek compilation of Gifford.

In short, no. Our sins have caused us to be in debt both to man and God, according to the moral and just Law of God. Sins, therefore, cause one to be in debt to both man and God. Where there is no pardon, there is no cancellation of the penalty, according to the Law. According to this rule of justice, as we do to others, so we are due to have done to us — to an equal degree. In the view of Eusebius, therefore, what Jesus endured was truly representative of sufferings caused and owing to be suffered in degree as a punishment by mankind, as a result of sin.

By this reasoning, Jesus cancels the suffering that is our due because He paid the penalty when punished at the cross.

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But, was this view correct? The sufferings that Jesus underwent spoke of the sin of humanity for which cause He came and from the consequences of which He came to save.

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Those who killed Him, in the words of Stephen, were murderers Acts 7: Jesus suffered this for us — but why? We can infer from the context that this penalty was perceived by Eusebius as our debt , because of sin. From the principle of equivalence under the Law, a just penalty can be viewed as the retribution demanded by the Law to counterbalance an offence and so satisfy justice. By the Law, the suffering caused by our sins should equal, in degree, the suffering that we are owing to pay as a penal debt.

Therefore, Eusebius might have reasoned that all the suffering that Jesus bore at the cross is representative of the degree of suffering that mankind is indebted to pay as a penalty. The punishment of Christ did not pay the debt for our sins — rather, this action compounded them. In all aspects, this was the opposite of divine justice. X, Ch. The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! Eusebius: The Proof of the Gospel, Bk. We need to recognize that much of what Eusebius wrote was according to his own speculative theology and not according to Church tradition.

This was his own view, not Church doctrine. No analogy works in all respects. There are similarities, but also incongruities. We can sympathize with a brother or sister going through a trial, for example — as one member suffers, we can suffer also. However, we do not experience the full suffering of the other member.

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There is a degree to which we can empathize with all that others endure. But, when one member falls into sin, that does not mean that we do also. We are not made sinners by the sins of others, nor are we responsible unless we have colluded in some way, of course. We are responsible for our own sins. We are not made guilty by association — simply because others with whom we are related choose to sin. Not so with Pastor Philipp. His ministering in the Word of God and also in the Gifts of the Spirit, as I was able to witness it personally, is distinct and sharp.

Also, to connect and communicate with Pastor Philipp on a personal level is an uplifting experience and is marked by godly transparency. I can highly and with a clear conscience recommend the ministry of Pastor Philipp Schmerold. Manfred Roth, D. I had the joy of being his pastor for a few years. He was one of those children that needed the extra angel protection of God because the enemy wanted to snuff out his life before it started. I followed Philipp in his years when he was away from God.

We often prayed for his salvation. When Philipp surrendered to Christ, there was no turning back.

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We always sensed a big calling on his life, but God far exceeded our expectations in how He uses him. Philipp now travels to many countries of the world preaching the Gospel to multiple thousands with great signs and miracles following. I recommend Philipp as a sincere, effective servant of God that walks in integrity. Philipp is an exceptional young man with the call of God on his life to preach to the nations.

Gainesville Presbyterian Church: Gainesville, VA > II. Love is the demonstration of the gospel

He demonstrates the gift of an Evangelist with a missionary call to lead people to Christ in difficult places to serve. Philipp has faithfully served under our covering at Vienna Christian Center and also understands the priority to support pastors in the local church.

He has great experience and training both here in Austria as well as the United States of America. One of the things I appreciate most about Philipp is his passion for revival.

He is a man of faith and desires for God to use him to believe for the supernatural today. He is a soul-winner and fully surrendered disciple of Jesus. Thank you for receiving Philipp and for opportunities you can share with him for ministry. I know you and your nation will be blessed through his heart to serve with you.

It has blessed me to see Philipp takes the torch of heaven and the message of salvation across the world as a young man. Philipp indeed has a passion for souls to see them saved, healed and delivered by the power of God. I personally have seen him grow in the grace of God and the call of God that is on His life to reach the world for Jesus Christ. He is a young man that burns for souls to be saved.

I am thrilled that he has put his heart into this book so others can partake of the power of the Gospel and live a life of conviction and purpose. Get ready to receive more as you are challenged and awakened by what you read.

The demonstration of the gospel The demonstration of the gospel
The demonstration of the gospel The demonstration of the gospel
The demonstration of the gospel The demonstration of the gospel
The demonstration of the gospel The demonstration of the gospel
The demonstration of the gospel The demonstration of the gospel
The demonstration of the gospel The demonstration of the gospel

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